If you live in the Atlanta Metro Area and you want to learn photography from an experienced instructor who has photographed some of the most important events in the world. This is the class for you.

During “The Best Beginning Photography Lesson in the America”, I will inspire you to make great historical photographs of your family, friends, and events, by teaching you the basics of exposure, how to use your camera more effectively and the art of storytelling photography. You will learn how to use all those buttons, dials on your camera to make those once in a lifetime memory. It does not matter your level of experience or camera brand, I can make you better in this one class than many cans in several classes.  Students will also receive a text booklet to help him or her reach their goal of becoming a successful photographer and learn the secrets of some of the most successful photographers in the world.  Students will be introduced to photography software and different lighting techniques

As a bonus,  all students can email me for two- months and receive 1 cell phone call to help solve future questions.
This class will save you time and make you a more confident photographer when using your digital SLR.

The tuition for two and three hour private photography lessons.  Each additional client is $75.00. Clients that live outside Interstate 285 a $25 travel fee is added. 

Private Photography Lesson 


The Best Beginning Photography Lesson in America


3 Hour Private Lesson ​Inside I-285

Privatephotographylesson.com offers fun time-saving private digital photography lessons in the homes of clients in the Georgia.