Private Photography Lessons in Atlanta

Private Photography Lessons in Atlanta offers fun time-saving private digital photography lessons in the homes of clients in the Georgia.    

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He gave me an incredible private lesson on my complicated Canon! Wow! I feel so much more confidence and understanding. In addition, hen an amazing photog and his photos gave me inspiration! Betty 5/4/15


Member Comments: Two hours flew by and I can't wait for my next lesson!
  Sandra Smith /Atlanta 2/4/15


“Johnny taught me so much more than just how to use my digital camera … he taught me about the art of photography. He is truly a gifted photographer, and more importantly, an inspiring photographer who is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with amateurs like me. The many photographs he’s taken throughout his career serve as aperfect teaching tool. They were truly awe-inspiring in themselves, but even more so as he shared his thoughts and intensions behind each one. He presents the basics in a way that’s easy to understand and remember, but he also imparts many valuable tips for bringing out the photographer in each of us.”
  6/3/2014   -- Kristen D.


Great crash course last Saturday. In four hours, I learned enough to really make some changes in the way I take pictures at work and at home and the book will be a constant companion in my camera bag. Many thanks for an enjoyable and informative day. Peggy Shaw / Atlanta, GA 1/22/2014


Excellent sports information.  It was great to get first hand information from a photographer that actually photographed big time sports. Taylor Washington / Montgomery, Alabama 12/4/13


Thank you for the amazing class!! So informative and extremely helpuful. Thank you for making it personalized and for teaching me what I wanted to learn about. You covered all the important information like the Exposure Triangle, photo prospective, and how to work within the limits of my camera. I would recommend this class to anyone with an interest in bettering themselves in photography!! Taryn Sikes 3/9/2013


​Johnny, I appreciate the knowledge transfer.  Thanks for breaking down the fundamentals.  Your class is definitely one of the best investments I've made thus far in my photography career.  I wish you continued success.
​Quez Shipman 11/12/2012


​It's the best photography class I have ever taken. Johnny knows photography and he knows how to teach it so that anyone can understand. I learned more in the first hour than I did in a one day seminar in California five years ago. Unlike many photography teachers, he has hundreds of examples that he shot to drive his points home. If you want to learn photography and have fun learning, take his class. He is the best photography instructor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and the book that he gives in the class is wonderful.
Sammy "Photoman" Stone      12/23/2012

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​Johnny, I learned more in 4 hours than I did in a full dayclass I had to travel to Orlando Florida for. The insights you gave into photography and people will be a valuable asset to me moving forward. I would highly recommend your class to anyone. Thanks again, Jim Jones 11/6/2012


​Johnny's four-hour class is 'just what the doctor ordered'. I live in Kingston, Jamaica W. I.  and that's why so far, I have only done one class with Johnny. I learnt a great deal about manual mode settings, in particular shooting photographs without using flash. His class is sharp and the students are given the right focus.I am so happy my husband bought me a Nikon 5100 and I look forward to another class with Johnny. Imagine, I want to do all the classes ! That's why I don't know which one to choose next but most likely it will be portraits.
​ Dorothy Purge, Kingston, Jamaica 12/11/2012

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​Just when I was about ready to pull my hair out and throw my brand new Nikon D3100 Digital Camera, I found Johnny Crawford and his Photography class!  Conveniently located in the Smyrna-Vinings area, the class was everything I needed and then some!  The instructor, Johnny Crawford, was very professional and efficient.  Johnny has the amazing ability to handle with ease both the novice and those looking for more indepth information!  His world-wide photography experience and the stories that he told not only validated the information presented, but got me excited to learn more!  Who day my pictures just might show up in print! Thanks Johnny for all of your help.  Hope to see you soon for the Sport Class! Connie Nevels Marietta, GA. 11/29/2012


​The class was great.  I learned more in the first hour of you class than I learned in a one day workshop in California last summer.  I wished I had taken your class instead, I would have saved $2000.00.  Please email me the date for your portrait class. Karen  Morris-Johnson 3/20/2012


Mr. Crawford, thank you for a great class yesterday. I learned a lot! I am also glad to share that the SONY Alpha 77 is a very (new) and innovative camera. it supports ISO up to 16,000 (yes that's 16 thousand). There are several features that rival cameras costing 4 and 5 thousand dollars....check it out! Have a great week....I'll stay in touch!
​James Hampton 3/20/2012